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After having been involved in Animal Welfare and Rescue and Rights for 36 years, along SPCA career was ended and ABC was born…
Once we had found a vet to assist us at crazy rates, we needed to find a venue.

First, stop Cosy Corner Shellhole in Brakpan. Cosy Corner was busy renovating, so between the building debris we had our first steri day in the passage and the animals were packed in a row on blankets while waiting to recover from anaesthetic with their owners.  Soon renovations were complete and the new leaseholder took occupation, we then moved to an empty cottage on the Shellhole property.   There we carried out more steris with the public gawking at us operating like goldfish in a bowl…still we sterid on.

A well known Grooming Parlour in Brakpan then offered us the use of the Parlour on Sundays and what bliss that was.  A place to take in animals and register, cages to safely house them and a separate place for the vets to operate in.  This came to halt when the owner of the building (not the Parlour) insisted on rent for us to use the premises.  By this time we had acquired blankets, hot water bottles, a mobile surgery light, stainless steel operating tables, and much more.  

Again we sat with 40 odd animals booked for steri and nowhere to steri them.  Dr Michele Miller then said for all intents and purposes for us to use the clinic.  So to date, we have used the clinic in Alberton, until we can find the right venue further East.

So getting ABC to where we are today (6 months down the line) was not as easy as ABC…

This dynamic team of Vets and volunteers run a Steri Day like a well-oiled machine in a quiet and stress-free environment.
With the help of trained veterinary assistants and volunteers, dogs and cats are treated to a “spaycation” and suffer little or no trauma during their experience.
On arrival, your puddytat will be given catnip and put in a quiet, low light room to chill before pre-op begins.
Pets are kept warm, dry and pain-free and are monitored constantly after the procedure.
When they are fully awake, they are then handed back to their human parents and are most often unaware of what all the fuss was about,
but they leave having enjoyed the love and attention, minus their “bits”.
Thousands of puppies and kittens are born every day in South Africa and many will never find homes.
Spaying and Neutering is a solution that we can all be a part of.
Their fate is YOUR responsibility.
End unnecessary suffering by having your animal spayed or neutered and by encouraging others to do the same.
After all, Friends don’t let friends litter!
~Freelance Photojournalist~



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Our Mission

To greatly reduce the number of unwanted dogs and cats that end up in shelters and get euthanised annually.

 To be able to sterilise the dogs and cats belonging to all SASSA pensioners, at no cost.

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Why Sterilise?

About Sterilisation

Below we clarify on some views on sterilising your pet. If you are considering sterilising your pet, this means you are taking on the responsibility and taking an interest in your pets life.

What is Sterilisation?

It is a surgical process preformed by a vet, where the reproductive organs are removed. Your pet’s character will not change after the surgery, but if the male dog was aggressive before, then this behaviour will be less or disappear. For Females, they will stop being on heat.

Advantages of Sterilisation
  • Reduces overpopulation of dogs and cats.
  • Reduces the chances of cancer in ovaries.
  • Prevents pyometria, an inflammatory process of the uterus.
  • Reduces breast tumours (if sterilised before first heat).
  • Prevents pseudocyesis in females.
  • Reduces males aggressiveness towards other males.
  • Reduces males need to mark territory.
  • Reduces the risk of tumours in males.
  • Reduces anxiety and the habit to run away in males.

What Our Clients Say

Thank you Ann Martin for another AMAZINGLY well run steri day yesterday.36 cats sterilised, I believe!!!!!

Goeie middag tannie Ann ek wil asb baie dankie se dat tannie en tannie se span vanoggend so mooi na my skoonma se katjies gekyk het. En dankie dankie ons ou mensies gehelp kan word om ook die regte ding te doen duisend dankies. Dit gaan goed met die katjies


Hi I would like to thank you and your team for the excellent service we received yesterday when took our cats for sterilization yesterday. Everyone was amazing and wonderful with the animals. Once again thank you for an excellent service you guys are great.


I wish to congratulate and thank Ann and all of her team (especially Dr Michele Miller) What a wonderful inspiration this is. I have been lobbying for years for sterilisation to be made affordable to the ordinary man in the street and the unemployed and underprivileged. For years we have been badgered to sterilise all our animals – as long as you have the means to pay the standard vet’s bill. Now comes a lady with the passion and the drive to instigate this and make it available to all people, from all walks of life and any area. Twice a month the whole Sunday is given up to sterilising cats on one Sunday and dogs on the other Sunday at a very reasonable price. My little cat was in and out in an hour and a half. He recovered wrapped up in a blanket lying on a hot water bottle. Please continue this Ann and I hope you will receive all the support you and your team deserve. Congratulations – you deserve a Bells!!

Daphne Sieler

A cat was sterilised yesterday and what was wedged in her uterus was nothing but shocking. Parts of a kitten that were never born. Sitting there and rotting in the mummy’s uterus! A kitten decomposing in its mother’s womb. What was supposed to be there to create life, nearly caused her death! Apparently, she had given birth a while ago to a dead kitten . . . Had she not by chance ended up on that operating table, I am afraid she would have ended up very dead and very soon. Just another reason to STERILISE!!! Please be WISE!

Helga Tsoumbris

51 dogs sterilised today !!! Thank you so much Ann and team. You spent your birthday working your butt off. You are my hero. A difference is being made ??? I can’t wait to be a part of this monthly event on the 28th August !!!